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The world is revolutionizing at an alarming rate. And it’d be safe to say that not much of it is in our control as life is turning more fickle than before. Therefore it needs to be insulated with extra cover in the form of insurance.

About Us

Getting involved with Arthmanthan entails much more than just insurance coverage. It's all about receiving honest and upfront information concerning the best insurance coverage, as well as commitment, dedication, and exceptional service.

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What We Do

We, at Arthmanthan, have been servicing insurance needs for all their customers for years. Our company was founded on the concept of offering excellent customer service and high-quality insurance solutions to our clients. As an independent agency, we deal with a limited group of insurance companies that have a track record of success.

We are committed to providing you with the most comprehensive insurance products and services available to protect you, your family, and your business.


Fundamentals of planning help us achieve customer satisfaction


Stay averse to multiple curveballs with the right policy


Provision of loan facilities


Risk Management through right investments


Meet your financial goals by saving tax

Why Arthmanthan?


  • We prioritize you
  • Customer satisfaction is our priority
  • We offer unbiased advice
  • We offer a range of 10+ companies to choose from
  • We believe in providing a solution that solves your problems
  • No hidden costs, no extra expenses


  • They prioritize their business
  • Customer satisfaction follows by business gains
  • They represent their firm
  • They offer a narrow range of products and services
  • They force-fit the products into your life
  • *Terms and conditions applied*

How to work with us?

Insurance does not have to be difficult to understand. We make it simple to get the best insurance plan for you by working together.

Get to know each other.

Tell us what you need and our team will work incessantly towards finding the right investment fit for you.

Find the right investment route for you

Who doesn’t like options? Have our insurance experts scout for the best plans giving the best returns for you.

Enjoy the thrills of a secured life

Life is too short to mull in stress. You could go experience the true essence of living vicariously while we protect you.

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Keeping Your Dreams Alive

With over 15 years of experience in living and breathing all things insurance and finance, we realized why should we keep our prowess to ourselves? That’s why we’ve put together some of our favorite helpful tips and tricks so you can feel like an expert too.

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Why I love being an insurance agent?

Being an insurance agent means different things to different people. When clients are purchasing insurance it’s something they can’t see or feel and it is my job to inform them and make them aware of all the necessary insurance policies they need.

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Our Testimonials

- Vinit Parmar, Parmar Constructions and Properties

“Your keenness in safe-guarding my family and me from future uncertainties is really appreciable”

- Karan Jairath, SK Travels

“We didn’t have to worry about selection of the right policy till insurance as Arthmanthan took care of it all”