Why I love being an insurance agent?

By : Admin, 06 Sep 2017

Being an insurance agent means different things to different people.

When clients are purchasing insurance it’s something they can’t see or feel and it is my job to inform them and make them aware of all the necessary insurance policies they need.

People are seldom aware of various types of insurance coverage pertaining to their own life, family, home, automobile or business. Many of them least attention to insurance coverage. They either stay away from getting insured or procrastinate for some reason or the other. As a result, they suffer heavy losses in the event of any unforeseen mishap or calamity. With appropriate insurance coverage they can safeguard their life, their families, assets and business. As an insurance agent it is it is my job to educate them, empower and protect them with appropriate insurance cover. It is my most important duty to inform them how and why proper insurance policy will be beneficial for them in the long run. The most rewarding part of my job is to quickly extend necessary service to my client in the event of mishap, to enable him get maximum benefits against his/her insurance policy and bring million dollars smile on his face. It is most satisfying moment of my life because I try to give him full value for value for his money.

Customer service VS Sales Culture

By : Admin, 10 Sep 2017

Some Insurance companies have a sort of ill-reputation of being made of pushy sales people. The image that comes to mind is a pit of desks filled with people consistently making phone calls to try and sell policies from 9am-5pm, with very little attention on customer service. Compass Insurance has tried to strike nice balance between Customer Service v/s Sales Culture. We don’t want our clients to feel that we are poaching them to buy an insurance policy. Instead, we work hard to make sure that they feel proud and happy to have proper insurance policy. We feel really content when we are able to fulfil their needs, the moment they contact and all their queries / doubts are answered to best of their satisfaction.

Financial Planning

By : Admin, 15 Sep 2017

Increasing inflation and changing lifestyles have compelled every individual to think of financial planning at an early stage. Ideally speaking a financial plan for an individual should be customised to meet his/her requirements at different stages of life. It is therefore, necessary to have a perfect blend of instruments to address the various needs of protection, savings and wealth creation. However, people by and large, tend to focus only on 'wealth creation' and other two important aspects financial planning are often ignored or compromised.

Many of us are at sea to decide on how much to invest and where to invest – fix deposits, stocks, bonds, real estate or some other options. Life insurance considered to be a good investment option, thanks to its simple and affordable plans. Moreover, it serves as reliable source that caters our needs in different stages of life. However, in India Insurance is still at nascent stage as most people do not any heed to this unless a major life change forces them to consider what might happen to their loved ones in case of any unforeseen circumstances. Although the prime objective of having life insurance policy is to protect an individual from unforeseen circumstances, it also helps in wealth accumulation, preservation, and facilitates us to have liquidity at the right time.

We can buy insurance as a term plan, purely from protection point of view at an early stage. Earlier we buy it, more beneficial and affordable it becomes. Unit linked plan at a later stage brings us an opportunity to yield handsome returns, but it is linked to market risk. Besides there are certain education plans to ensure easy and hassle-free education of that your child’s education. You can also plan your retirement through pension plans.