Directors Profile

Mr Sachin Shah Director

Professional with a lot of expertise and a lot of energy. Has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's in Computer Management. He has a deep understanding of the insurance industry and its complexities. Despite having his own ancestral business to follow, he deviated from the path and embarked on his business journey. He began his career in the insurance industry. He has a marketing specialization, is gifted with excellent marketing talents, and has excellent market forecasting abilities.

He keeps up with the newest changes in the insurance industry and always provides sound advice to his clients on new insurance developments. Mr. Sachin Shah, a true workaholic, and dedicated individual is a BNI Excellence recognized member.

Ms Vaishali Shah Director

From a life partner to a business partner, Mrs. Vaishali dons many hats as an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and business partner. She has been actively involved in helping Arthmanthan scale new heights. She is the company's backbone, providing competent backend support by handling all office activities. Over the last five years, Vaishali has also developed excellent marketing techniques to provide effective support to Mr. Sachin Shah. She holds a bachelor's degree in commerce and has gained exceptional prowess in the field of marketing and banking. She is also an active Rotarian and a committed member of BNI.

She ideates, he realizes. Together, they make one strong unit that could withstand not only the test of time but also any upheavals.